Motivational Speaking Programs

motivation programs

Speaking Programs:

Vision Speaks Louder Than Words (Motivation)
Positive Results from Problematic Situations (Conflict Management)
A Different Kind of Different (Diversity: Traditional, Intergenerational, Socioeconomic and Educational)
Self-Perception, Misconception (Personal Branding)

5 Reasons Daniel’s Clients Love to Book Him Multiple Times:

1. Dynamic Speaker

Daniel’s presentation will leave your audience entertained, inspired and empowered to perform at the peak of their potential

2. Attention to Clients’ Needs

Daniel approaches every event from the client’s perspective. Our team works diligently to make sure that we understand and address the details, intricacies and most importantly the objective of your meeting. We understand that audience members are often distracted by emails, travel, budgets, office politics, deadlines (this list goes on)… with that in mind, Daniel constructs his presentations for the sake of getting everyone on the same page, open-minded, excited and ready to accomplish the goals of your event.

3. Experienced Speaker (Makes Your Job Easier)

Daniel has spoken for just about every kind of audience you could imagine; corporate, non-profit, nearly every level of academia, executives, customer service teams, managers, educators, professional associations, chambers of commerce, credit unions, student leadership, company employee Networks, etc.
Over the years our team has developed a process that manages all of the logistics seamlessly in order to keep the client from taking on any extra stress. Additionally, Daniel is highly skilled at tailoring his talks for different types of audiences as well as making on the spot adjustments to meet time constraints.

4. Fresh Perspective

There are a number of talented speakers in the Training and Development industry. Unfortunately the great majority of them usually fall into one of a few “common” profiles. Not only is Daniel a leader in the Millennial Generation, but he is also a product of the markets and environments in which many industries are still trying to figure out how to be successful. When meeting planners want to teach their teams how to be successful in our 21st century economic/academic/social world, they call on Daniel Shannon, the Speaker/Author/Scholar/Business Leader who embodies that success.

5. Ability to Connect

Rather than being a Speaker who only communicates information, Daniel insists on being a Speaker who connects with clients and audience. As a Speaker, and more importantly as a man, Daniel is one of the most sincere and genuine people that you will ever work with. It is often the case that audience members feel like Daniel is an “old friend” once he steps off the stage.