Q) What is the fee to hire Daniel for a presentation?

A) Daniel is a professional speaker and his fees are a reflection of his experience as well as the value that he adds when he takes the stage. In order to determine the cost, we must first have a thorough understanding of what our clients needs are. To get a quote, contact us and tell us about your event, at that point we will work with you to determine a reasonable fee that is within your budget

Q) Can Daniel speak on topics and themes that are not listed on his programs page?

A) Daniel believes that customer satisfaction begins with customized service, the topics published on our programs page show our most popular programs, however as a result of having such a diverse background, Daniel is able to cover a wide range topics and themes without compromising the quality or integrity of his presentation. With that said- if a topic is beyond Daniel’s scope, we will let you know. We may even be able to recommend an alternative speaker who can better meet your needs for this event.

Q) Is Daniel willing to travel to speak at our conference?

A) Yes. Many of Daniel’s engagements call for travel and so far, location has never ben a reason that Daniel has had to decline an opportunity. Our group makes all travel arrangements and the expenses are the responsibility of the hiring party unless otherwise noted in the contract.