About Daniel K. Shannon

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Daniel K. Shannon is first and foremost a visionary. This is evident in his tenure in corporate America, during his career as a USATF and NCAA athlete, and in his countless philanthropic efforts.

Daniel’s audiences are quickly captivated by stories told and lessons learned from his extensive background. A diverse range of invaluable experiences give him a unique and valuable perspective; one that is sure to add value to any organization. Daniel, world traveler and magna cum laude graduate from the prestigious Howard University, has more than a decade of leadership experiences working for a Fortune 50 company. Daniel experienced success at a young age. A few of his career highlights include successfully managing sales and promotional activity on multiple categories totaling over $150 million dollars in revenue and effectively managing a team of employees responsible for sales all across the West Area of the United States. While competing on the NCAA Division 1 Track and Field stage, Daniel received a number of distinctive honors. In identifying a need in various communities around him, Daniel poured himself and his resources into a vast number of neighborhood development projects. Perhaps the most notable of these was the mentoring of young men from poverty-stricken backgrounds and successfully helping them make the monumental transition from high school to college.

Without a doubt, Vision has been the guiding component in his life. And it is vision that now compels Daniel to offer instructional inspiration to others, helping them realize the visions for their own lives, as the founder of Daniel Shannon Speaks. The substantial content of his message coupled with his signature style of incorporating language art’s into his presentations, has made Daniel a dynamic and lively speaker, much loved by his audiences.

To put it in his own words: “In my life, I have faced more challenges and obstacles than I care to count; obstacles that can and have been enough to deter many of my peers. Poverty, a “broken” home, violence- I am a stranger to none of these. The reason, I have been able to overcome time and time again, is not because I am inherently better than anyone else; my victories can only be attributed to a God-given vision for my life. When you own your vision, life becomes a result of that vision, and circumstances, whether good or bad, become secondary. Instead of obstacles, I see opportunities; instead of problems, possibilities.”

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